Thursday, June 11, 2009

Things To Do-Dallas Edition

After posting my list for Paula, of COURSE I took some flak from my sister, who just moved to the Dallas area and wants her OWN Take Off Tuesday list!

So here is my Baker's Dozen for Dallas (*'d I've done before):  

1. My first stop would be The Old Red Courthouse Museum-home of the Dallas Visitors Center and a symbol of Dallas heritage.  The museum educates visitors about the rich cultural, political and social history of the Dallas County area.

2. The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza*-this museum in the former Texas Schoolbook Depository chronicles the assassination and legacy of JFK.  Of course, we would have to read a book first, such as this one or this one.

3.  The Mustangs at Los Colinas*-the largest equestrian sculpture in the world and/or 

the Pioneer Plaza Cattle Drive*-a lifelike bronze sculpture on the original site of the Shawnee Cattle Trail.

4. The Farmers Branch Historical Park has many old buildings from the 1840's-1940's, (including a 1930's gas station) that kids can explore

or the Dallas Heritage Village-a living history museum that preserves and shares the history of Dallas and North Texas.  (both right up my alley!)

5. Observation Station at DFW Airport-watch some of the 2300 daily takeoff and landings from one of the world's busiest airports.  The observation station features audio straight from the control tower, long range binoculars, and a guide board to help identify the different aircraft. Remember when you could just take your kids to the airport to watch the planes take off?

6. Super Model Train Exhibit-the country's largest permanent model train exhibit is in Dallas at Children's Hospital (which just happens to be where my BIL works!)

7.  Fountain Place*-a 60-story skyscraper that rises out of an oasis of fountains, pools and flowers.  I can't find anywhere online that says if wading is allowed, but if so-a definite stop.

8. Hands On Exhibit-bronze casts of the actual hands of presidents, astronauts, athletes, actors, etc.  Definitely different! Definitely on the list.

9. Southfork Ranch-cheesy, I know.  But at least a drive-by is in order.  We would HAVE to watch at least one episode of Dallas before we went!

10. Mesquite Championship Rodeo-"high-flying bronc riders, brawny steer wrestlers, ... daredevil rodeo clowns and some of the orneriest bulls in the business"! (June to August)  I'll bring my boots.

11.  Frontiers of Flight Museum-this museum celebrates the history of flight, from Leonardo Da Vinci to the Space Age.

12. Dallas Farmer's Market and the original Pegasus sign-one of the largest public markets in the country and it has the original Mobil Gas red, winged horse!

13. The Women's Museum- their current exhibit is Cowgirls, Ranch Women and Rodeo Gals; what could be more fun than THAT?

And because I couldn't bear to leave it off the list: 
The Olde Fan Museum-quite possibly the weirdest thing I found... which makes me want to go take a look!

So here you are, Amy.  My itinerary for our visit in July!


Paula said...

Andrea totally rocks!

Aside, so, when are you coming?

Queen B said...

no, when are you coming to do the Dallas list? :)

Jim said...

Maybe they have computers in Dallas so she can update her blog.

Kim Thomas said...

David would love the observation station. And I want to go to Dallas now too!

Wendy said...

If you're going to Dallas in July, I highly recommend seeing attractions that are air conditioned... My sister Chrissy says South Fork is cheesetacular.

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