Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Castle, Chocolate, and Crazy First Lady

After we left the racetrack, we stopped at a real Irish castle. (Not open to the public, but cool none-the-less.)

We toured the Mary Todd Lincoln house.  What a FABULOUS tour!  

No photos, unfortunately, but our guide was wonderful and we really learned a lot.
It rained ALL.DAY.  Although worse than the rain was the very high risk of losing an eye to an umbrella-wielding maniac child!

Next stop-Old Kentucky Chocolates for a tour.

A chocolate horse and foal.  I'm sure you can guess how wonderful it smelled in this store!
We took the tour and learned all about how they make their candy.  Here is a giant Willy Wonka-ish vat of chocolate:
And how happy were we that we all got a free sample?  

The sample was so good I bought a box (even though Paula had put one in my Kentucky goody bag!)

We finished our day with dinner at Joe Bologna's, an Italian restaurant in an old synagogue.

These two were thick as thieves the entire trip!


Queen B said...

the castle is awesome!

LOL @ umbrella

mmmmmm... chocolate... mmmmmm

Paula said...

The castle is pretty neat, I've seen pics of the inside...stunning! It's a pricey B&B in 4-digit price per night.

Jane: a female given name of English origin said...

Carolyn and Princess look like they are bff's.

Paula loves her umbrellas

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