Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Blue Ridge Weekend

Jim and I took advantage of the the kids being at my parents' house to take a trip up to the North Georgia Mountains.  We rented a beautiful cabin in the middle of a scary forest in the middle of nowhere and enjoyed the peacefulness that being in the mountains always brings.
I am again camera-less (grr.) so enjoy the high quality of my cell phone pictures!  

Saturday morning we ate a fabulous breakfast at a little cafe in Blue Ridge called L.L. Beanery.  If you ever go, do yourself a favor and order the stuffed French Toast (like Jim did) or the ham and swiss omelet (like I did.)  We both liked it so much we went back on Sunday and ordered the same thing again!  We walked around the old town and browsed in little shops and even an antique book store.  We can't wait to go back and ride the train with the kids.

Saturday afternoon, we drove up to Brasstown Bald.  We didn't get there until after 5:00, so the mountain top was closed, but here is a picture of the highest point in Georgia from the parking lot below:
And a chees-ola picture we took standing on top of a picnic table trying to get the mountain in the background.  I am laughing because of something funny that Jim said, although I don't remember what it was!
It was a very winding road to get there and back!
It was such a nice time.  It's good to get away with your spouse without the kids every once in a while!  Thanks Mom and Dad for keeping the kids!


Paula said...

What a great trip! Craig and I are going away for a long weekend next week.....soooo very excited!

Queen B said...

oh, that's great! Nice that y'all had a kids-free getaway :)

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