Friday, July 10, 2009

Calamity Carolyn

Tuesday night, Carolyn slipped getting out of her bath and cracked her chin open. I heard her crying and ran to check on her and knew immediately it was going to require a trip to the emergency room. We dried her off and Jim and I drove in to Minden to the hospital. This is our second trip to the Minden emergency room! Carolyn was a real trooper. She was very nervous that it was going to require stitches. When the doctor took a look and told her he was going to glue it back together she practically went limp in relief (honestly? Me, too!)
 She was VERY brave!  A little glue and she was almost as good as new. The doctor told her this special glue could totally have fixed Humpty Dumpty!
Jim asked the physician if he thought it would leave a scar, and the doctor said, "Oh, she'll definitely be able to wear a bikini!"

I thought that was hysterical!  Carolyn is very upset that it can't get wet for two days, which means no swimming in the lake. But I think that's a small price to pay!


Paula said...

It's all about coming up with a GREAT story to tell about the scar. Like: Got it in a boxing match for heavy-weight champion of the world!

Looked at the pictures of Christian's accident! As a mom, how did you not absolutely fall apart?!?!?!

Queen B said...

haha! that's hilarious (the bikini comment, not the injury ;)

what a trooper!

Jenn Ann said...

Only the coolest people have scars, but the super coolest get them glued back together without stitches!

I mom, therefore I blog.