Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Kentucky or Bust

We had a great drive up to Kentucky today. We stopped in Tennessee for lunch and followed the signs for a BBQ place that took us straight into a state park. The restaurant had a patio overlooking the mountains. We even saw a helicopter take off from a field a few hundred feet away!
Kentucky is a beautiful state!
Sweet Paula made a GREAT Kentucky license plate bingo game for the kids and also a trivia sheet divided out by mile-markers on our route. I am TOTALLY stealing this idea for the next time someone drives to visit me! The kids L.O.V.E.D. the license plate hunt. It seriously kept them busy the entire hour and a half from the state line to Paula's house!
We made it to Paula's mid afternoon and decided we had enough time for our first outing; a trip to the Valley View Ferry.
This ferry has been in operation since 1785, making it the oldest continuously operating ferry in the country. The charter was signed by Patrick Henry (yeah, THAT one!)
We decided to ride across as pedestrians; we rode over and then back.
Halfway back across the river, Christian asked why we didn't set foot on the other side.
After a meal of make-your-own pizzas, the kids took off outside. When in Rome...
You can't go to Kentucky without playing some b-ball!
What a shot!
Can't wait to see what tomorrow will bring!


Queen B said...

ooh, that's awesome that she developed a child-occupying car game! Priceless, I'm sure ;)

do your kids think it's weird that they meet all these new random people?

LOVE that your car ride go-to food is bbq!

Paula said...

I failed at turning them into UK fans, so I might as well attempt turning them into B'Ball fans/players.

I mom, therefore I blog.