Monday, July 27, 2009

Miles of Mules

After visiting Lexington and seeing the Horse Mania horses, I decided I should share the Pennsylvania version.  
Mercedes Mule
Miles of Mules was a public art project modeled after the Cows on Parade exhibit in Zurich, Switzerland. 
Maharaja's Mule
The mule was chosen as a symbol of eastern Pennsylvania heritage. During the early 19th century, with the help of mules, coal mines, canals and farms flourished along the Delaware River.  Mules pulled cars of ore out of the coal mines and barges along the canal, and also plows in the fields.  Before mechanized trains and cars, mules provided all the power. 
Burro of Doylestown
The Miles of Mules project encompassed five counties along the Delaware and Lehigh Corridor. One of these was Bucks County, where we lived.  
The Four Seasons
There were 175 mules created from two molds- one standing and the other in a stubborn sitting pose.  Right before we moved, we drove around and took pictures with as many as we could easily find.  Coleman especially loved looking for these mules!
Mule of Masters
There is even a book (which I bought, of course!) with photos of all 175 mules.  Aren't they awesome?


Jane: a female given name of English origin said...

Super awesome!

Andrea said...

Love the mules. They have a series like this of crabs in Baltimore.

Queen B said...

awesome, yes. weird, yes, too.

Kristen C said...

Takes me back!!! We saw a bunch of these in Duck North Carolina this year!! I must say they are not as nice as Doylestown though. We also rented a jeep and went to see the wild horses...VERY FUN!!

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