Friday, July 03, 2009

Texas Roadhouse

On the way to Dallas today, we stopped for lunch in East Texas.  It was late, and we were hungry and there hadn't been any place to eat for several exits.  We saw a sign for a barbeque place with a gas station and with low expectations, decided to give it a try. 
It was wonderful!  The food was delicious and even though there was a gas station/convenience store attached, it looked and felt like a real restaurant.  The portions were huge and even Coleman got enough to eat.
While we were eating, a man in a cowboy hat and boots walked by.  Coleman pointed and said, "Look!  A real cowboy!" Too funny.  I told him that just because someone was wearing boots and a hat didn't mean he was a cowboy.  And Carolyn said, "Uh huh!  He had on a cowboy SHIRT, too! (Welcome to Texas!)

Every few minutes, a bell would ring and the staff would holler and yippee.  Walking out, we figured out why when we saw this sign:
(Guess who rang the bell?)

AND you could shop after you ate:
Now tell me- who DOESN'T need an armadillo bank painted like the Texas flag?

We will definitely stop here to eat again on our way home.
If you are traveling on I-20 in East Texas, it is at the Gladewater exit. 


Queen B said...

YAY! that's awesome :) Welcome to Texas!

Kim Thomas said...

We had ourselves some barbecue last night too! Glad it was good for both of us!

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