Friday, August 07, 2009

A Cabin in the Woods

Amy and Andrea
This photo of Amy and me was taken in Greer's Ferry, Arkansas one summer on vacation around 1980.  We drove up in our Oldsmobile station wagon (maize colored, naturally).  Mom always put the seats down and  spread a pallet in the back with quilts and pillows. We rode very comfortably, if not necessarily safely!  On this particular trip up into the Ozarks, we had car trouble (the transmission, I think?) and I can remember being stopped on the side of the road and looking out the window down, down down into the valley below.  Terrifying!

My Memo drove over from Memphis and spent the week with us.  The little dog in the picture was hers. (Tiny or Peppy, I don't remember which.  They were both mean as hornets.)

I can't believe how long my legs are in the picture!  Unfortunately, I don't believe they ever grew any more.  We had such fun on this trip, staying in a cabin (instead of camping in a tent!) right on the lake. We felt like royalty!


Paula said...

I think we had the exact same station wagon when I was that age!!!

Amy said...

I was noticing how big your feet look instead of how long your legs were!! LOL!! Where do you find this stuff???

Kim Thomas said...

RO about your legs not growing anymore.

Jane: a female given name of English origin said...

Tawny scrawny lion for sure!

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