Saturday, August 01, 2009

A Little (Girl) Slice of Heaven

This past Christmas, Carolyn received a gift card to her favorite store.  She immediately informed me that she wanted to go and buy another doll so that Felicity would have a friend.  I told her that she didn't have enough money, but that if she wanted to save her gift card, maybe she would get some birthday money to put with it and then Felicity could get a new friend.  It is a LONG five months from Christmas to May!

But she saved it and I am so proud of her!  We were finally able to plan a trip to the American Girl Store last week.  Our friends Molly and Ms. Heather were sweet enough to go with us.
The girls were so excited! It was quite a long drive, so our first stop was to the ladies room.  But what to do with your doll?
Hang her on one of the doll hooks located in every stall!
Then we SHOPPED.  Carolyn knew exactly which doll she wanted, but of course she and Molly had to look every thing over a million times twice just to make sure.
We had a wonderful lunch in the cafe.  (Could these two be any cuter?)
The dolls sat in their special high chairs and even had muffins to eat-which they were kind enough to "share" with Carolyn and Molly!
Tic-tac-toe pizza was the entree of choice.
We had such a wonderful time.  Thanks Heather and Molly for sharing such a special day with us!  And welcome to your new home, Chrissa!


Kim Thomas said...

Way to save up, Carolyn! After all good friends can be bought ;)

Andrea said...

Great job of saving up.... I never could at that age!!

I love the doll hooks in the restroom, how brilliant!!

Queen B said...

haha. QUITE the contrast from the boy day!

Heather said...

Thank YOU for inviting us! What a spectacular day!

Jane: a female given name of English origin said...

Babies, Barbies and Bows

My comfort zone for sure!

I mom, therefore I blog.