Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Roswell (Georgia, Not the Other One)

We had our last Take Off Tuesday of the summer today.  I can't believe the summer has flown by so quickly and that school starts next Monday! 

Earlier this summer, we read Turn Homeward, Hannalee, a book about the lost mill workers of Roswell.  It was a great young adult book and I highly recommend it.  During the Civil War, the textile mills in Roswell were producing cloth for the Confederate army.  In July of 1864, Sherman's army came through, burned the mill and charged the 400 mill workers (all women and children) with treason.  The mill workers were then shipped by train hundreds of miles north and most were never seen or heard from again.

So today, we went to Roswell.  We stopped at the Visitor's Center and watched a short video about the history of the town.  
We saw a replica of a mill wheel 
and and a picture of one of the child workers. 
In 1890, children accounted for 24% of the workforce in Georgia's textile mills.
The visitor's center is across from the square where the mill workers were held for several days before being sent north.  

After lunch at a BBQ joint, we went down to Vickery Creek. 
The kids played in the creek while the moms discussed that air conditioning should have been a requirement for any activity planned for August.  
Once we were good and hot, we walked down to the mill ruins. 
 The waterwheel is no longer there, but the dam and some of the sluice and machinery are.
Roswell is a picturesque little town and we definitely plan to return.  There is a self-guided walking tour that I'm sure will be fabulous (around October!)


Andrea said...

You are the best mom!!

Thanks so very much for the educational trips, I'm learning as well...

Paula said...

Ditto what Andrea said. We didn't "take-off" today....other than going to the basement during the storm. Possible tornado touchdown in the little town just north of the Horse Park.

Kristen said...

I have a picture of you,Ms. Susan, and my mom all paying *VERY* close attention to the video... I'll have to email it to you when I upload them.

Queen B said...

Nothing better than tying a meaningful book and event to a real place. You really are a tremendous mom. Whenever I get around to having kids, will you raise them? :)

Diane said...

Hmm, definitely not Roswell, New Mexico. No creeks there only aliens. Looks like everyone had fun.

Kim Thomas said...

This looks like so much fun! Too bad it was so hot, next time join in!

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