Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Thirty Six Reasons Why Every Girl Should Have A Sister

1. Your wardrobe doubles.
2. There is always someone to blame when Dad yells, "Who took my ...?" (Of course, I guess this works for brothers, too.)
3. You always have someone to shop with.
4. Who else will totally understand when you talk about your mother?
5. Who else will you worry about before you have kids?
6. She keeps you company on the phone when you are driving by yourself.
7. She forwards great painting projects to you and tells you that you could SO do this (and could you make her one first?)
8. Cousins for your kids.
9. Hand me downs/ups for your kids.
10. She will always talk you down from the crazy.
11. Trading recipes.
12. Someone to vacation with.
13. Someone to gripe to about your husband kids.
14. She knows all of your secrets.
15. She'll come and visit you even when you live 22 hours away.
16. She will leave sarcastic comments on your blog that make you laugh.
17. You can go in together on Christmas/birthday gifts for Dad hard-to-buy-for people.
18. She will call you when she's at Target/Walmart/Dick's and finds something on sale that she knows you are looking for.
19. She can laugh AT you (not with you) without making you (too) mad.
20. You can laugh AT her.
21. She will tease you about things that happened when you were little.
22. Shared memories.
23. She will cry for you when you can't.
24. She knows what you are thinking without having to say a word.
25. The words El camino, magnolia tree, the Old Building, Homer Road, and Family Life Center all mean something to both of you.
26. You've always known who would be your maid of honor.
27. And your kid's godmother.
28. You had someone to fight with about who gets to ride in the front seat/who gets to drive/who used all the gas/who hogs the bathroom.
29. She is a wonderful aunt.
30. You always have someone to call.
31. She will be happy and/or mad for you.
32. She's always got your back (and your front!)
33. You have the same crazy extended family.
34. She will always give you the best present-the thing you would never have bought yourself.
35. She loves your kids as much as her own.
36. She is your best friend.
There isn't a better sister in the world.
Unless it's me.

Happy Birthday, Aim! Love you!


Amy said...

You are the only one who could make me cry and my birthday and it be okay! I love you so much! Missing you today!!

Amy said...

Oh yeah...Thanks for pointing out how old I am...but then again, everyone knows you are almost 3 years older than me!!! I guess that is revenge in itself!!

Jim said...

I am just glad she is over 18 and I don't have to sneak her into bars anymore. Pretty soon, I am going to need to find a fake ID for Abigail.

Heather said...

If you girls ever need to adopt another sister, please put my name on the list for consideration! What a treat to have each other! Happy Birthday to the sister i hear so much about - all good - I promise!

Anonymous said...

My girls are the BEST! Mom

Jane: a female given name of English origin said...

What a great tribute! Happy Birthday!

1 thing forgotten: someon to double date with

Queen B said...

this almost makes me want a sister :( you guys are awesome! Happy Birthday!!!

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