Thursday, September 03, 2009

Just Bead It

Carolyn received this hair beader for her birthday. She has been dying to use it and finally last night while the boys were at soccer we pulled it out.
I had nightmares of it getting mangled up in her tresses and having to cut it out. (There MAY or MAY NOT have been an incident when I was in high school with a brush curling iron getting wrapped in my hair...)
But it was pretty low key-it didn't even require a battery. And now, whenever Carolyn wants to channel her inner rastafarian, we are ready!


Paula said...

HaHa...there may or may not have been several occasions where combs/brushes were cut out of my hair as a child for using them as curling irons!

Carolyn looks great!!

Queen B said...

what a smile!

hate brush curling irons..... grrrr....

what an amazing li'l device!

Kim Thomas said...

love this kid.

Anonymous said...

Carolyn, I love the new "look"! Meme

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