Sunday, September 20, 2009

Smoky Mountain Rain

Soccer was canceled all weekend so after Carolyn returned from a birthday party Friday night we headed up to Blue Ridge. Our friends the McCrearys joined us on Saturday since baseball was also canceled!

This time this little cutie came with them instead of staying with Grandma.
They even brought a friend for Gumbo!
Saturday afternoon we took them to our new favorite place, Mercier's Orchard, for some apple picking.
It drizzled almost the entire time we were there, so we filled our bags quickly.
My new favorite apple-Beni Shogun!
Heather even made dinner for us Saturday night. (Heather, you can come cook for me ANY time!)

More cuteness!
it rained ALL DAY Sunday. Although the kids went out every time the rain let up, there was a lot of inside time! Lots of pool, lots of dominoes, lots of board games. (No more Scrabble against Christian... 45 points for squid is hard to recover from!)
Gumbo wedged himself into a tiny space between the chairs and ottoman trying to find some peace for a nap.
OH! You found me!
This poor guy wasn't feeling a hundred percent... turns out he has THE FLU!
Hey, Heather, what's the incubation time on that?

Even stuck in the cabin with rain and flu, the McCrearys are ALWAYS a good time!


Kim Thomas said...

My plan: Be stuck with the Brauns in Blue Ridge for the weekend.

Jenn Ann said...

Doesn't sound like a bad idea KT...but could they send some rain our way?

Queen B said...

Seriously... when are we going to invade the Braun cabin?

Andrea said...

SERIOUSLY! When do you want to come? :D

Paula said...

I can never get anyone to play Scrabble!!! If I had known this when y'all were here!!!!

Wendy said...

Ooohhh, Mercier Orchards... they sell mayhaw jelly.

Kim Thomas said...

Laura beats everyone at Scrabble.

Heather said...

I have NO idea the incubation time! I'm just glad to have an internet connection again! 3 days, no computer. . . that's hardcore . . . especially when you need to google "flu incubation time!" Thanks for another fun weekend! We always enjoy our time with y'all!

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