Monday, October 05, 2009

Another Milestone

13 Things I Love About Christian on his 13th Birthday:

1. He appreciates good sarcasm.
2. When given the prompt "Beauty is..." for an essay he wrote about our family.
3. The twinkle he gets in his eye when he is being sarcastic. (See #1)
4. His conviction. (Usually he is convicted that he is 100% right and you are wrong!)
5. When he is wrong, he admits it. Most of the time.
6. He is a go-with-the-flow kind of kid. What do you want for your birthday? Oh, anything is fine. Is there something you want to do? Not really, anything is good. (SO like his father!)
7. He still kisses me good bye when I drop him off at school. (How much longer is THAT going to last?)
8. He is so grateful for the time and energy I put into anything for him. He realizes it, appreciates it, and thanks me for it.
9. That his room is on the third floor and I don't have to go up very often and see his mess!
10. The way he can carry on a conversation with an adult without being self-conscious or bashful.
11. That he can figure out how to take apart or put anything together.
12. That he cracks HIMSELF up on a regular basis! (Again, SO like his father!)
13. That he still enjoys being with our family and doing fun things with us. I hope this doesn't change any time soon!
I love you, Christian! Happy Birthday.


Kim Thomas said...

I love #3 but I imagine that #7 is pretty darn special too. I hope it lasts alot longer.

Happy Birthday, Christian!

Paula said...

He is a great guy! Happy Birthday!

(So jealous of #7!! I get a wave and a"Bye!"--sometimes)

Jim said...

Conviction? He has not been convicted of anything. Accused, maybe, but he has been able to argue his way out of everything so far.

Queen B said...

LOVE #1 (and #3!)
#2 - that is AWESOME

There is something really special about oldest sons... the ones I know all seem to have old sons and get along with their mamas. How blessed you are :)

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