Monday, October 12, 2009

Ellijay Apple Festival

Sunday afternoon we went to the Georgia Apple Festival in Ellijay. We had a good time, although it was mostly craft booths. (Which are fun, but not when you are dragging your bored husbands bored kids around with you.) There were also LOTS of food vendors! We tried the foot long corn dog (Coleman), regular corn dog (Carolyn), Philly cheesesteak (Christian), brat (Jim), and jambalaya (me). And also the apple dumplings. And also the gallon (times three) of homemade sarsaparilla!
We also got to ride a school bus!
We had so much fun on the shuttle bus to the festival, afterwards we decided to ride the wrong bus just for the fun of it.
But all fun must end, so when we returned to the same place we departed from, we boarded the correct bus and returned to our car!


Queen B said...

I can't imagine your husband or kids being bored at this ;) It does appear that Jim enjoyed the bus ride, at least :)

Paula said...

Princess would board the wrong bus on-purpose! She absolutely LOVES riding the bus.

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