Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Pumpkin Literacy

Our PTA sponsors a pumpkin decorating contest each October to raise money for the school's care fund. Each class (with help from the room mom) chooses a book and decorates a pumpkin. The pumpkins are displayed in the media center and the everyone gets to pay a dollar to vote for their favorite(s).

Coleman's class chose the book Yumion Goes to the City. This book is so cute! It is about an onion from Vidalia, GA who travels to the State Capitol because he wants to become the state vegetable. Didn't the kids do a great job?
Here is Yumion the onion:
I painted his face and wrote his name, but the kids did all of the rest! (Yes, those are Mr. Potato Head shoes!)

Carolyn's class chose Dewey: There's A Cat in the Library. This is a true story about a kitten left in the book drop at a public library in Iowa who becomes the library cat. The best part is that Carolyn's teacher is named Ms. Dewey!
THe kids made the banners and books and colored themselves reading at story hour.
They painted the cat, although I "helped" a little more on this one.

The winning class gets an ice cream party. There are two kids at my house crossing their fingers!


Diane said...

Very creative! I like them both.

Kim Thomas said...

I'm a big fan of onions

Jane: a female given name of English origin said...

PTO=parents that overachieve :)

Queen B said...

wow! those are fantastic! ice cream for Braun-sponsored classes :)

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