Sunday, October 18, 2009

Our Saturday

Coleman had a soccer game bright and early Saturday morning. In the cold. Rain. Wind.
How Carolyn (and I!) watched the game:

Christian ref'd two games.
In the cold.

Carolyn played later in the day. I missed her game because I was driving Christian to his game at a park 45 minutes away. His game that was canceled 2 minutes before we got there. For the second time this year. (Sorry for him, but really, it was okay that I didn't have to sit out in the rain for another hour and a half!)

I hear the Tiger Lilies played very well, though.


Queen B said...

What a dedicated sister!

Did I miss the Christian is reffing girls' soccer? Could that be a better job? I think not!

Paula said...

He looks so official!!

get it?
I slay me sometimes.

KFuj said...

I would be watching the game the same way.. We used to bring one of those propane space heaters when needed to early morning baseball games.

Jenn Ann said...

This reminds me of yet another reason I never played soccer...not only do you have to run around the whole time, but you play in the rain.

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