Tuesday, October 20, 2009

This Little Piggy

There is a sick kid at my house. He has taken up residence on my couch.
The longer he is there, the more stuff he is accumulating around himself. First it was a blanket. Then he added a pillow. Some books. Three days worth of socks. Some more books. Pretty soon he is going to ask for a phone line to be put in, I'm afraid. He's starting to resemble a piece of furniture!

I haven't heard him oink yet.
at the doctor today

I made chicken enchiladas for dinner Sunday night. He came and sat at the table and pushed it around on his plate a bit. I asked him if he would rather have something else, maybe a peanut butter and jelly sandwich? Coleman straight-faced said, "If I were you, I'd rather throw up peanut butter and jelly than chicken enchiladas." Which of course cracked us all up.

Tonight I made tortilla soup. I joked with Christian that it would taste great coming back up... and he said "Better than it will taste going down!" With such perfect timing that I couldn't even be insulted. (And also because I know that he loves tortilla soup!)

So we are at day 3 and counting. I told him he has to go to school tomorrow because I am tired of looking at him. (Feel the love?) I can do "nurse"; it's just more of a Nurse Ratched!

So, hoping for a better day tomorrow.


KFuj said...

Oh I hope he feels better. After 24 hrs of no flu, throwing up, or aches he should go back to school. That's what nurse KFuj- told her students that called today for their HW.

Paula said...

He does have awesome comedic timing! And I hope he is feeling 1000x better immediately, like yesterday!!

Carpool Queen said...

He looks plain pitiful....Hope today's a better day.

Queen B said...

poor kiddo :(

sounds like you should be less concerned about installing a phone line and more concerned about installing a toilet for his 2nd look at the dinners you make (side note... I would NEVER throw up anything made by you ;)

LOL at the puke jokes

Jenn Ann said...

You should see my neessities surrounding my couch ;)

I mom, therefore I blog.