Thursday, November 05, 2009


Tonight was Bingo Night at school. This is one of our favorite events! I worked the ticket table with Heather while Heather's long suffering saint great husband watched all five of our kids! Talk about drawing the short stick!
You are an angel, Jeff, truly!
(Jeff and I are chaperoning 60ish 3rd graders next Tuesday on a field trip... do you think he is going to start associating me with unpleasant things?)

Christian played four cards at once. Carolyn barely managed one. (She may have been a bit social!)
Coleman was very social, too!
Look! Photographic proof! They do like each other!
Must have been Jeff's parenting. Do you think he will adopt them?

Thanks again, Jeff!


Carpool Queen said...

Bingo is one of my most favorite games. I won $400 at Bingo once on a cruise ship and promptly went into the jewelry store and bought something sparkly.

Funny thing - it happened on my annniversary, and Mr. CPQ got out of having to buy a gift.

Paula said...

I'll adopt them----or really, take them in trade.


Jenn Ann said...

I have never played Bingo for money...only at showers, work meetings, and school activities.

Queen B said...

we might need Baby Shower Bingo at the next HCBC shower... I'm totally up for a heated round :)

LOL... you could never be associated with unpleasant things! You're the ringleader of the Funaholics!

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