Monday, November 16, 2009

Baby Shower

"Babies are such a nice way to start people."

I adore Coleman's teacher from last year. Imagine how happy we were to find out in August that she is expecting her first baby! She had such a good class with very involved parents that I knew we were going to have to throw a baby shower for her; so yesterday, we did!

We invited the moms and the kids. We played games:
And of COURSE we had to play the "Guess the babyfood in the diaper" game!
(What other game would you play when there are 9 year old boys present?)

Seriously. Is she not one of the cutest moms-to-be you've ever seen?
And we were so lucky her sweet mother was able to come with her!
Who loves sweet baby gifts more than a bunch of moms who (thank goodness!) don't have sweet little babies anymore?
Such a great class!
Lots of food, lots of great conversation and of course, lots of CAKE!
I'm sure you can figure out which one the kids were most interested in.

And look at these adorable party favors!
I wish I could take credit for them, but I can't. But don't think I won't steal the idea if I ever throw another baby shower!

We had a fantastic time. Thanks to everyone who came. (And thanks Heather for the cleanup help!)


Paula said...

That is a great party favor! And I'm sure it was a total riot to watch the boys play that game!

Carpool Queen said...

About to pop....what a great idea...wish I had thought of it when all my friends were having babies and we were throwing showers every other weekend...

Kim Thomas said...

I'll be stealing in less than 2 weeks.

KFuj said...

I totally love the popcorn favor idea. What does it say in the small print?

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