Monday, November 09, 2009

Trip to Tennessee

Sunday afternoon we took a short drive up to McCaysville to see the sites. This is the destination of the Blue Ridge Scenic Railroad. (We are planning to take a ride with SANTA the day after Thanksgiving-how fun!)

McCaysville was...underwhelming. There are a few cute shops and a few restaurants, but it isn't nearly as nice as Blue Ridge. The Toccoa River runs down through the middle of town and on one side of the river is McCaysville, Georgia and the other side is Copperhill, Tennessee. Coleman saw this sign and said, " We came all the way to Tennessee?" As if he slept the whole way and didn't know it was only fifteen minutes away!
Look! We're in Tennessee! And Georgia! At the same time!
Mind boggling.
We ate at the Mexican restaurant in town. Eh. Jim's just happy to be there.
But we had fun! While waiting for our food we read some of the pamphlets we picked up at the visitor's center. Coleman is now an expert on what to do if he sees a bear and Carolyn is outraged at how we treated the Cherokee on the Trail of Tears. Just goes to show that Mom can make a history lesson out of anything, including mediocre chicken nachos.


Paula said...

Sweet that she's outraged. No doubt you could make a history lesson with even less than nachos.

One of these days, I'm going to make it to the "4 corners"...I could literally put each of my kids in their own state and still have a 4th for me & Craig!

Kim Thomas said...

The only thing better is Four Corners Totally Cool!

Jenn Ann said...

4 corners is a must do!

Andrea said...

Love crossing state lines and stopping and acknowledging. Where will the next history/geography lesson come from?

Queen B said...

fun field trip! and not even a Takeoff Tuesday?

Jane: a female given name of English origin said...

Ok I had a million thoughts in my head until I read Mexican food in Tennesee? Really, maybe I am a southwest snob

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