Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Morning Recap

Are you KIDDING me?
Do you people know what TIME it is?
It's o'dark thirty... why are we awake?
Santa brought several things that Mom would never have bought. Example A:
How I love this girl....
in a taffeta skirt shooting a blow up deer with a pink cross bow.

We have lots of new games now.
This one is fun, but you'd better know your world geography!

We are headed to the cabin tomorrow to play for the weekend. Then it's back to work until we blow our entire 2010 vacation budget the first week of the year!

We hope that your Christmas was as wonderful as ours.


KFuj said...
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Kim Thomas said...

Can't wait for you to blow your budget!!!!!

And love the little hunter!

Paula said...

too cute! Our's didn't get up til almost 8....although Al had to practically be dragged from the bed.

Queen B said...

you're going to have SUCH a good time blowing the budget :) but if you want to cut it in half, stop in Texas :)

Carolyn... totally love that girl

KFuj said...

I'm awful at world geography.. I need to play to learn.

I love Carolyn all dressed up shooting at the deer ;-)

Jane said...

Awesome recap!

I mom, therefore I blog.