Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Don't Cry Over Spilled Pepper

At least it wasn't the salt! Isn't that supposed to bring bad luck?


KFuj said...

ohh that's a lot of pepper!

Queen B said...

ooh, much sneezing involved?

I think the key with salt is throwing it over your shoulder when you and your black cat walk under a ladder on Friday the 13th?

Kim Thomas said...

Spilled ketcup is something to cry over, not spilled pepper or milk for that matter.

Paula said...

So who will be giving you new s/p shakers for Christmas?

Jane said...

Im a speed reader and read "Dr Pepper"

I thought "how cute she is helping Jenn out"

Then it took me 30 seconds to figure out what the picture was

I mom, therefore I blog.