Sunday, December 20, 2009

Gingerbread House 2009

There is dried up glue icing all over my kitchen, but we have a gingerbread house!
The little elves ate lots of candy
spilled lots of candy
fed the dog lots of candy
worked very hard!
2009 will forever be known as the "Year of the Cabin."
Now I'm off to scrap some more icing off of the chair....


Queen B said...

those are amazing (like I doubted y'all)... leaps and bounds better than any that I ever made. I always enjoyed the process more than the end result ;)

Kim Thomas said...

Can't wait to make it to the cabin. Love this gingerbread house.

Diane said...

So cute! Yay for cabins, I love going up north in the summer.

KFuj said...

Your gingerbread cabin is amazing!

Jane said...

I love the mom thinking face in the first photo. My thinking face includes sticking my tongue out

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