Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Leavin' On A Jet Plane

(first photo taken with my iphone!)

Headed to Birmingham tonight and catching an early flight to California tomorrow. We have an action-packed itinerary... the champ may have more fun planned than we can stand!

Please notice my Christmas tree still up in the background... I hope it doesn't bring us bad luck in 2010 since it will still be up on New Years!


KFuj said...

Having your tree up past New Years is bad luck?

I hope I get to finally meet you while your in Ca.

Jane said...

1. Love the new phone pic
2. My dad's birthday is Jan 11. We were always told the tree had to be down by then. It may be a Young rule, but it buys you some time

Kim Thomas said...

Can't wait for your arrival! KFUJ, we will be hanging out all day at my house tomorrow. You are welcome to join.

Diane said...

Have fun! I wish I was in CA to go to Kim's house.

Queen B said...


our tree stays up until I get up the energy to win the argument with Chris to take it down. He could not love December more and wants it to continue as long as possible ;)

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