Wednesday, December 23, 2009

New Addition To An Odd Collection

For the champ's birthday last year, we sent her an addition to her autographed 8x10 collection. Here is this year's birthday gift (don't you wish you were Kim? and were on my birthday list? HA.)
1. Yes, that is me in the cardinal costume.
2. Duncan is not his name. He won't have a name until January when the entire school will get to participate in a contest to name him. However, Duncan will be MY contribution.
3. Did you notice that my finger is on the wrong hand?
And the tradition continues...


Queen B said...

that is GREAT!

I especially love the nuances of the #1 sign :)

KT is going to need a bigger office!

Kim Thomas said...

I so love this family!!!!!! I was just getting ready to write my blog about this! This one may end up in my house and not my office. I am simply in love with it.

Anonymous said...

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