Saturday, December 05, 2009

Official Request

I found this under my pillow Wednesday night:
It read:
"Dere Mom and dad I would like to go back to allowance

Yes No

Circle and retern"

I wrote back:
Daddy and I will discuss.
Love, Mom

And left it in Coleman's room.

On Thursday night, the note was back under my pillow.

"I only want a qurter of my age because $4.50 cent is a lot of money wen the Aqumony (economy) is bad like this"

(When we did allowance, the amount was 1/2 of their age.)


Kristen said...

Ahaha! That's adorable...and Coleman.

Queen B said...

That is precious! Next reply... "what are you going to do for me?" :)

Paula said...

That melted my heart!!! Such a sweetie!!!!

KFuj said...

I love the half or quarter of your age allowance idea!

Jane said...

He is so darn smart!!!

start making the list of chores!

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