Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Since We Can't Seem To Get REAL Snow

Since we aren't in Pennsylvania (where they got 23.5 inches of snow the other day!) we are making our own snow here!
I came up with this craft for our class parties last week and I think it is one of my favorite party crafts yet.

Start with pipe cleaners and pony beads. I used silver pipe cleaners and white beads, but all white would be pretty, too.
We made our snowflakes ornament sized, but could be made full-sized, also. To start-take four pipe cleaners and cut them in half. Place four of the stems perpendicular to the other four and tightly wrap together with another piece of pipe cleaner. Snip off the ends of the tie. It should look like this:
Next take one stem each from two adjoining legs and push a pony bead onto both stems. Push the bead all the way to the center. Continue around the snowflake. When finished, you should have eight beads grouped in the middle.

Next, take two adjoining stems (not the same two that are sharing a bead) and push them through another bead. Stop this bead halfway down the stems. Continue around until you have eight beads. Twist or bend the ends and pull the stems apart and you have a snowflake!
So easy! I think we may make a bunch more to pass the time on Christmas Eve day. I think it would also be fun in red to look like a poinsettia.


Queen B said...

those are BEAUTIFUL... and I love the poinsettia idea, too. This might be a craft project I could take on :)

Jim said...

I think you meant have your husband cut the pipe cleaners in half.

KFuj said...

Husbands are so helpful!

Very cute ornaments :-)

Kim Thomas said...

So pretty!

Ha ha ha Jim!

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