Saturday, January 09, 2010

When The Weather Outside is Frightful

Coleman begged to go up to the cabin this weekend when he heard that Blue Ridge was getting more snow than we were at home. Once the roads were clear, the kids and I decided to drive up Friday afternoon. Jim had a LAX meeting and joined us this afternoon.
The driveway was the worst part-too steep to get up, so we had to park at the bottom and finish on foot.
We woke up Saturday morning to a frigid day!
But that didn't stop us!
The snow was beautiful.
The kids were pretty cute, too.
The kids sledded and snowboarded.
Einstein decided it would be fun to sled under the swing.
Can you hurry up and take the picture? I've got things to do!
And of course we topped it off with hot chocolate.
Gumbo found the sweet spot- a sunny spot in front of the fire! What could be better than that?


Queen B said...

brrrrrrrrrrr but looks like a great place to play winter games!

Kim Thomas said...

I wanna come!!!!!!!

Jane said...

So fun!

Paula said...

Very Awesome!

Heather said...

Awww, makes me wish we had been there! What fun! And tell Coleman, we welcome short order cooks at our house on Saturday mornings, he can come anytime!

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