Sunday, February 21, 2010

Father Daughter Dance

Last week was the first annual Father-Daughter Dance at our school. Carolyn was very excited about it, as you can imagine! This was not the dress she planned to wear, but apparently she's had a little growth spurt. Her party frock is MUCH cuter than my party frock was!

"Daddy" even remembered that you always bring a corsage for your date.
Even the Cardinal put in an appearance!
There was even a craft!
Jim: "I've never been to a dance with a CRAFT before!"
Cuttin' a rug.
Jim: "Carolyn has never heard about the three beer before dancing rule!"
Dancing the Cotton-Eyed Joe
Jim: "And the hits just keep on coming!"
And no dance is complete without a gaggle of girls in a conga line!
I couldn't believe how much dancing there was. Carolyn and Molly did eventually dump their dates. And Jim asked Molly to dance and she declined, which I think hurt his feelings. But other than that, they both had a wonderful time! And since I worked the ticket table, I was one of the few moms who got to watch!


Queen B said...

that is the cutest!

I totally never thought about how embarrassed dads must be at those things.... I support Jim in the 3 beers before rule ;)

a craft? that's a new one

Carpool Queen said...

These will be precious, precious memories for her.

Jane said...

Oh man!!! So flipping cute!!!!

I mom, therefore I blog.