Sunday, February 28, 2010


Saturday was the opening day of lacrosse season.
Go Hawks!
It was cold, of course.
(Thanks, Meme for the underarmour pants for Christmas!)
That's a trip! Penalty box.
#22- Casey and Mikey Powell's number.
Coleman's team won.
I didn't take a single picture. Luckily my neighbor did!

Christian had an orchestra competition Saturday morning and a game Saturday afternoon. Carolyn and I shuttled back and forth among it all. Unfortunately, Christian's team did not come out on top. It would be an understatement to say that he wasn't happy about it, either!


Jim said...

That is the shot where Coledog hit the goalie in the facemask and he argued with me that he always shoots low.

Queen B said...

LOL... I was just going to say that these action shots would surely impress DT when I read that your neighbor took 'em ;)

Kim Thomas said...

I love Casey!

I mom, therefore I blog.