Sunday, March 14, 2010

"An Artist Is Somebody Who Produces Things That People Don't Need To Have" ~Andy Warhol

The kids were off from school Friday so we took a drive down to Madison, GA to the Madison Morgan Cultural Center to see the Andy Warhol exhibit.
Ever since reading this article in Southern Living I've wanted to take the kids.
The exhibit is in a fantastic old building that was the first graded schoolhouse in Georgia.
Warhol's soup cans greeted us right inside the door!
We watched a film about Warhol (that was a little above the kids' heads) and then visited the two galleries. One contained mostly pieces from his "Myths" collection.
(I didn't mention the name of this collection because Santa's picture was included!)
The other gallery included works from his "Cowboys and Indians" collection as well as a few other pieces.
On the way out, the docent asked if we would like to ring the school bell.
So of course we did!
After the museum we stopped at one of the most fabulous indy bookstores I have ever set foot in! I am already thinking of another visit to Madison just to go back to Dog Ear Books!

We finished our day with lunch at Madison Drug's Old Fashion Soda Fountain.
This exhibit was definitely worth the drive! It's only there until April 2nd, so if you are going, you'd better hurry!


Beth said...

Hey there! Thanks for friending me on FB. (That's how I found your blog....which I LOVE!) I am totally going to make time to take my boys to this museum. It sounds like so much fun and I am dying to visit the bookstore & soda fountain. :-)

Queen B said...

wow! that looks like a fun day :) love the soup cans and the smiles

Jenn Ann said...

I can't wait to do this sort of stuff with the boys!

Paula said...

looks like a fun day! The building also looks a little like the Smithsonian office building in DC.

AKJayElle said...

So jealous! I LOVE Andy Warhol!

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