Monday, March 08, 2010

Hero Worship

Coleman's FAV.OR.ITE lacrosse player put in an appearance at Breakaway Lacrosse tonight. It's practically an hour away in traffic, but since we were on that side of town for a doctor's appointment for Christian, we stopped by.

Mikey Powell was extremely nice! We were early and saw him come in. It wasn't crowded at all, and he really spent some time talking to the kids and signing autographs. See his Syracuse jersey? Notice Coleman's number? No coincidence!
No coincidence that Coleman is wearing a Syracuse lacrosse hat, either!
Coleman was a little shy.
We didn't know before hand, but Liam Banks came, too! After Mikey signed posters for all three kids (and a poster that Coleman brought with him) we left.
And got a mile down the road and decided to go back and ask Mikey and Liam to sign Coleman's hat. Coleman went in all by himself and asked. I'm sure that hat will never come off of his head. (He's probably sleeping in it right now!)

And while we were there, Carolyn found a SWEET pair of goggles that she thinks she HAS to have.
Someone else at our house seems to have caught the bug.


Queen B said...

wow! 3 22s in one post! very cool all around :)

nice goggles ;)

Paula said...

That's pretty awesome!

Lisa Ament said...

Blake, Brandon and Grant hope that Carolyn never loses that big bow!

Kim Thomas said...

we know the real reason he is 22

Jane said...

I love the celebrity photos

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