Tuesday, March 02, 2010

In Like A Lion

March came in like a lion.
Or maybe Laura brought this snow with her from Arizona?
It's only been snowing for about an hour and a half and we have over an inch of snow already.
(Have you figured out that all of my snow pictures are of my deck because I am too cold to go outside?)

The roads are still fairly clear... wondering if the kids will have early release or not. I can't imagine that the teachers are getting anything accomplished with such a grand distraction!


Queen B said...

wow! we're about an inch away from hitting the record snowfall in one winter. Not sure if we'll get another round, but March is pretty darn late for it......

Kim Thomas said...

Another picture of the deck with snow on the furniture. I need to know, does the snow/weather ruin the cushions?

Andrea said...

Hasn't yet! :D

Jane said...

This is what happens when I open my big mouth about the great weather yesterday

I mom, therefore I blog.