Thursday, March 11, 2010

You Can't Get Good Help Anymore

Carolyn lost ANOTHER tooth.
And for the third time in a row, the tooth fairy didn't make it the first night. At least this time she left a note!


Carpool Queen said...

The TF had to make FOUR trips to our house last week, for four different teeth.

This is starting to dig into my Starbucks fund.

Queen B said...


Paula said...

The tooth fairy is so thoughtful that way. Our TF carries a portable printer. She left a note once explaining that she "Purposely left the tooth under the pillow so Al could take it to show his dad that weekend". Unfortunately the letter was not found until after MUCH DRAMA about there not being any $$ under the pillow that morning. I'm still not quite sure how the letter and the $ got so far under the bed, but so glad that crisis was overted. ;-)

Kim Thomas said...

So glad the tooth fairy is now leaving notes. I suspect that by the time sydney is losing teeth the toothfairy will be on email.

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