Monday, April 05, 2010

The Buffalo River

My parents' new home is near the Buffalo River. Monday, we packed a picnic and went exploring.
The river runs along a sheer cliff face approximately 200 feet high. Can you see my tiny family in this photo?
We had so much fun along the river bed!
The boys (and Jim and Grandy) skipped lots and lots of stones (WHY can't I do this!?!)
And Carolyn waded a little, although the water was VERY cold.
We even saw a "bear cave"!
We searched for fossils in the rocks.
And found some!
We also found some rocks that worked like chalk.
There were already a few brave souls canoeing down the river. We will definitely have to do that when we go back this summer. But there was no WAY I was going swimming getting in a canoe with any of my three monkeys when the water is that cold!


Jane said...

This is actually a place I would love to visit. hope you are all having fun!

Queen B said...


I mom, therefore I blog.