Wednesday, May 05, 2010

An "Apple" For the Teacher

This week is Teacher Appreciation Week at the middle school. Today I made these adorable little apple pies in a jar for Christian to take to his teachers tomorrow.
I found the idea/recipe at Gourmet Mom on the Go which is a great blog!
The pies have a graham cracker crust with a layer of cheesecake then apple filling and are topped with a pie crust. You can follow Gourmet Mom's directions exactly, or you can get confused on how many ounces are in a pint and buy jars that are too small. (Guess which one I did!) These pies were made in 4 ounce jars and I just halved the recipe and it worked out fine. I actually think they are the perfect size!
Tie them up in cello and add a tag and you have the perfect teacher gift!


KFuj said...

Why can't you be a parent for my class?? (forget that I teach special ed)- you are an awesome parent!!

Jenn Ann said...

I hope to be half as awesome as you with gifts for teachers. Andrea Braun, you are my mom idol!

Kim Thomas said...

Yeah, that look great but all I am thinking is how much I miss you.

Jane said...

Once again I am in awe by you

Beth said...

These were DELICIOUS!!! Thanks so much for remembering me this week!

Queen B said...


I mom, therefore I blog.