Wednesday, May 19, 2010

FOCUS on the Gwinnett Environmental Heritage Center

I chaperoned the FOCUS field trip to the Gwinnett Environmental and Heritage Center last week.
I think the kids all had a LOT of fun!
We took a hike and got to hold mealworms.

(Which was not as gross as you might think.)
They did a bunch of experiments on sound
and light.

Followed by a picnic lunch outside.
The kids were all really good and we all had fun!


Paula said...

Looks like fun!

Jim said...

It looks like Carolyn is trying to jam her friends head into the box.

Queen B said...

love Carolyn's shirt :) reminds me that I need to send you a pic of me in my Princess Monkey shirt!

I remember when I did something like this with my Brownie troop. I came home with a "pet" earthworm.... that had babies.... good times...

Beth said...

Thanks so much for going with us! I think it was a big success!

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