Saturday, May 08, 2010

Great Game, Sad Outcome

Coleman's lacrosse team was undefeated going into the league championship today. They played a tough team that they had closely beaten once during the season. The game was unbelievable! Their opponents scored first and the score went back and forth for the entire game until it was tied up at the end of the fourth quarter and went into sudden death overtime. The other team scored, but the goal was called off because the scorer was in the crease. Unfortunately, they came back and did it again. I try not to get too caught up in winning, but I wanted them to beat this team SO BADLY! The boys were so upset, but were all very gracious in their loss. After handshakes, they all came off of the field and over half of them were crying. It broke my heart. After they got their second place medals we took a team picture. If you look, you can see how upset they are! Not my kid; although he was crying earlier, he's been trained to smile when the camera comes out!

They played their hearts out. I watched most of the game through my fingers, rocking back and forth. We are all so proud of them!


Paula said...

My heart is breaking for them! But they should all be really proud of themselves, too!

Queen B said...

2nd is the best ;) It has to be, right? It's 2!

poor kids. but GREAT job all season!

AKJayElle said...

Well, you can tell which kid's mom takes tons of pictures of him :P

Kim Thomas said...

Love a kid thats trained to smile for the camera. Sorry they lost.

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