Sunday, May 09, 2010

My Mother's Day

Carolyn: "We made you what you are today!"
(I originally thought that she meant CRAZY, but I think she meant A MOM!)

By Carolyn:

By Coleman:
Top 10 Reasons Why I Love My MOM
10. I love my mom because she reads me Blogs
9. I love my mom because she helps me do homework
8. I love my mom when she makes me laugh by being sarcastic
7. I love my mom because she taught me how to cook
6. I love to hear my mom sing (I'll) fly away
5. I love my mom because she finds time to take us to lacrosse practice
4. I know my mom cares because she tells me she loves me
3. I know my mom is smart because she helps me with math
2. I love my mom because she works so hard at getting us where we need to be
1. I love my mom because she is the BEST MOM EVER!

By Christian:
Happy Mothers Day
Dear Mom,
Happy Mother's Day! Thank you for all the time you spend doing things for us. You use so much of each day being a great mom, so I want today to be about YOU!
Love, Christian

Well. You can't ask for more than that!
(But I also got a mac-daddy sewing machine!)


Queen B said...

RO @ making you crazy :)

Love Carolyn's "one time she went to a meeting...." :) I'm sure the headaches she references has nothing to do with being a mom ;)

LOVE Coleman's blog reading and you being sarcastic. They sure know you well!

Kim Thomas said...

How's the sewing maching doing? Is it an embroiderer too?

I mom, therefore I blog.