Friday, May 28, 2010

Sock Monkey Birthday Party

How to throw a sock monkey birthday party:

Pretend like you are Duff and make your own cake. Find a monkey wand and paint it to look like a sock monkey and stick it in the top of your cake.
Have a Candy Bar (a la Jane.)
Plan to make banana splits (but run out of time and decide the kids are too full to eat them, anyway.)
Make fourteen stuff-your-own sock monkeys.
Put the World's Ugliest Wreath on your front door.
Give everyone "Sock Monkey Lips" when they arrive. This would probably only work at a girls-only party.
(Or maybe not!)

Let everyone pick a monkey to stuff and get to work!
Unsharpened pencils work well to get the stuffing down in the legs.
Make sure your big, red bow is the same color as your big, red lips.
More fun than a chairful of monkeys!
Next, make sock monkey shrinky-dinks. Giggle a LOT.
Tell everyone to wear their silly socks!
Have a monkey pinata. Fill it full of candy because the girls haven't had enough sugar helping themselves to the candy bar for two hours.
Get really excited opening your gifts.
Send everyone home sugared-up and proud of themselves because they sewed their very own sock monkey.

Collapse after a successful party with a happy birthday girl.

(More monkey party preparation here, here and here.)


Queen B said...

fantastic!!!! love the red monkey lips idea

what will you do with all your free time, now that the party is over? :)

Paula said...

That is truly amazing. How do you top that???

Andrea said...

That looks like the BEST party....I want to have one. Am I too old?

Diane said...

What a great party! Can you plan one for me but with Snoopy:)

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