Tuesday, June 08, 2010


Today was our first official Take Off Tuesday of Summer 2010!
Because VBS is this week, we had a mini trip with Heather and crew to our new favorite ice cream parlor, Scoops.
(Is this not seriously the cutest place ever?)
Where the scoops are as big as your head!
And because it was the first T-O-T of the summer, I let everyone pick out a piece of candy after they ate their ice cream. CrAzy!
What to choose, what to choose?
I think everyone was happy with their choices!
And we have a surprise field trip tomorrow, when the Brighter-Siders are coming through town!


Jane said...

Carolyn is quickloy catching up to her brothers :)

Paula said...

That place really looks fun.

The "Brighter-siders"! Love it!!!

Queen B said...

missed my invite :(

I mom, therefore I blog.