Sunday, June 27, 2010

Snoballs in Texas

For some reason, there are no snoball stands in Georgia. (Not to be confused with sno-cones, which don't even compare!) Every time I talk to Amy, they are on their way to get a snoball. I told her that I expected to have one EVERY day that we were in Texas. So 30 minutes after we arrived at her house, we hopped back in the car and went to get a snoball.
I'll have a rainbow with cream, please!
Blue mouths are the BEST.
Yum, it did not disappoint!


Queen B said...

awesome! Chris worked at a sno-* stand as a teenager... not sure if it was cone or ball, tho!

Heather said...

We had the stands here when i was in high school but they all seemed to disappear during my college years. They were in every parking lot imaginable. There's a business endeavor to follow . . .bring back the snoballs!!

Jane said...

Oh you so need to try Bahama Bucks

Kim Thomas said...

Shaved Ice baby!

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