Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Swimmin' Hole

We went searching for a swimmin' hole and the Toccoa River did not disappoint!
The Visitor's Bureau directed us to Horseshoe Bend outside of McKaysville
and we found a great place for the kids to wade with a nice grassy bank for me.
The water was FREEZING.
But they managed! There was a nice breeze and I sat in the shade and read while the kids whooped and hollered.
We had the place to ourselves with the exception of a man and his son who were fishing. You can imagine how well that went after we arrived!


Queen B said...

looks like all the kids had fun :) can't wait for water fun next week!

AKJayElle said...

Love the "freezing" face! Your kids never fail to make me laugh :)

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