Wednesday, June 23, 2010

To the Dump, To the Dump, To the Dump, Dump DUMP

When we bought our cabin, there was a lot of leftover wood and scraps stacked on the side of the house. Unfortunately, the dump is only open Monday through Friday and we are generally only at the cabin on the weekends. Since I had four strapping boys with me, and today is a weekday, I had them load up the van and I headed to the dump.

The inside of my van
When you get to the dump, you drive up onto a scale and your car is weighed. Then you go and dump your trash (gag, ugh, disgusting!) and go back to the scale to be reweighed.

The dump pile
Things to Note:
I dropped off 160 pounds of debris (at 9 cents a pound)
Flip flops were not the best shoe choice
My car weighs 4740 pounds with me in it
I kept waiting for a giant magnet like in Toy Story 3 to suck all the metal up to the roof
I will never NEVER do this again


Jim said...

How much does your car weigh without you in it?

Queen B said...

wow. yeah, not something to tackle with less than 4 strapping boys!

Kim Thomas said...

I loved going to the dump as a kid, today, not so much.

Kim Thomas said...

I think I may do a blog about the dump

I mom, therefore I blog.