Friday, July 23, 2010

A (Not So) Little Detour

Coming home from Alabama we took the back way home. Such a pretty drive through the mountains! Right after we crossed the Georgia state line, I saw a sign for Cloudland Canyon State Park (the Georgia Grand Canyon). This has been on the top of my list of places to visit for awhile, but it is in the middle of nowhere and no where near my house. My cell coverage was very spotty and I quickly google mapped the park to see how far out of the way it was. Only 12 miles, so we decided to go! Oh, google maps-how you failed me! It was actually 27 miles (each way!) out of the way. I blame AT&T.

So we drove (and drove) until we finally got to "the big ditch".
We parked, walked over the the East Rim and looked over the edge.
Took a few pictures, walked back to the car and continued on our drive home. I feel very comfortable saying that I have been on just about every back road in Northwest Georgia now.


Dawn Olive said...

Mike and I use to go to Cloudland a lot before was one of out favorite places to go. They are a couple of waterfalls to hike there. The last we went a few years ago, I dropped Mike off there and he rode his bike and met me and in the girls in Chattanooga.

Queen B said...

I so should have just stayed in the car with y'all.... not that I would have been able to help with the AT&T failure, but this looks like a great detour!

Andrea said...

That does look like a great detour. Sometimes, those are the best!

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