Wednesday, July 21, 2010

On Tour with the Queen

Queen B was in Chattanooga for work, so the kids and I drove up to play with her! We picked her up at her hotel and headed over to Lookout Mountain to ride The Incline.
The track is only a mile long, but at one point it rises at a 72.7 degree angle, making it the steepest passenger incline in the world.
(Have I ever mentioned how much I HATE rabbit ears?)
If only they had been this sweet all day. (They weren't.)
There was a great view from the top of Chattanooga and the Tennessee River.
And not much else.
We sat in the front seats on the way back down.
Glad we did it-probably won't ever do it again.
But everything is better in the presence of royalty, don't you think?

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Queen B said...

those li'l buggers! can't believe we got the bunny ears (ok, I can.... please tell them that'll be $1).

So happy with the Braun family proximity to my travel destination!

I mom, therefore I blog.