Thursday, July 22, 2010

Star Wars at the Space and Rocket Center

After dropping Sara off at the airport, we headed to Alabama to spend the night with Aunt Susan. (Sara REALLY should have gone with us!) Thursday morning we got up bright and early and went to the Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville.
We went specifically to see the current traveling exhibit:
This is the only place in the world you can see the space shuttle with its complete booster assembly.
We also saw a stealth spy plane!
We've been to the space center many times, but a huge new building has been added since we were there last. Inside is a Saturn V rocket suspended from the ceiling. It is MASSIVE. It's so large that it is impossible to get more than a third of it in a photo.
We walked under it and walked and walked and walked!
Carolyn stood in some very important footprints.
And then we headed to the Star Wars exhibit. There were lots of hands-on exhibits dealing with the special effects from the movie and robots. Here the boys tried to make a robot (like C3PO) walk. Harder than it looks!
The kids also made lego hovercrafts float using magnetic properties.
There were lots of cool costumes and props from the movies.
But the kids' favorite part was programming an R2D2 robot to traverse an obstacle course.
After the Star Wars exhibit, we watched the IMAX film on special effects used in the movies. Then we headed outside to ride the G-Force! And rode it again, and rode it again...
Carolyn and Coleman also rode the kid-launcher.
Last stop, gift shop.
We had an amazing day! The Star Wars exhibit is only in Huntsville until September 9. It is completely worth a road trip!


Paula said...

wow! looks very cool! We were at Disney for the last day of their StarWars rides/shows....pales in comparison to your pictures!

Queen B said...

Chris is really ready to follow in y'all's footsteps on this. LOVE the masks :)

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