Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Early Morning Sweetness

Someone was having a bad morning.
Her MOTHER has ridiculous standards for school-appropriate clothing. She expects it to not only be CLEAN and relatively stain-free, but she also expects it to FIT! So finally, 20 minutes before the bus came this morning, her MOTHER insisted that she put this on and be done with it.
While all that drama was going on upstairs, downstairs Coleman was packing Carolyn's lunch and getting her backpack ready for school.
Then he wrote her a note and stuck it in her lunchbag.
There is going to be a VERY lucky girl in his future!


Kari said...

So sweet.

Paula said...

ooooohhh! That is soooo sweet! I want to adopt him-----eh, make that trade for him! I don't do 4!

Queen B said...

aw :) love it!

Becca said...

Favorite Post!! Coleman is adorable!!

Kim Thomas said...

Her name is Sydney

I mom, therefore I blog.