Monday, August 09, 2010

First Day of School

So here they are:
The traditional first day of school pictures with the signs.
One of Christian's friends said it looks like a mug shot sign.
I told him they are just practicing!
We always do donuts at the bus stop on the first day of school.
The elementary school gang (minus Jordan)
Woo hoo! Good-bye, little (big!) girl!
The middle school gang
It sounds like everyone had a good first day!


Paula said...

Congrats to the crew (and moms) for a great start to another school year!

Jane said...

Great documentary!

Ours starts tomorrow :)

Queen B said...

love the mug shots :)

do you think Coleman will have a grin that big in his?

Kim Thomas said...

I'm wondering how much longer Christian willingly participates

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